You've probably heard a million times by now this upcoming Netflix reboot of one of the best shows ever is going to allow creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to end it the way she intended (she was ousted before the final season due to a contractual dispute) with four words. What do you think they are?
  1. "We are...Gilmore Girls!"
  2. "More coffee?" "Yes, please."
  3. "Season 9 coming soon."
  4. "Go fuck yourself, Logan."
  5. It's whatever Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johanssen at the end of Lost in Translation.
    Suggested by   @readjulia
  6. "Let's talk more slowly."
    Suggested by   @tedfox
  7. "I love you, mom."
    Suggested by   @krmckinstry
  8. People aren't sure who said it either. So let's hope it's something along the lines of this: "You'll marry me?" "Yes."
    Suggested by   @kendallbartels
  9. "You lead" "I follow"
    Between Lorelai and Rory
    Suggested by   @keshavi
  10. "I'm still all in."
    (( as an avid shipper I would love this ending but as a person who understands that the show is about Rory just as much as it is Lorelai I would be upset. So I'm very conflicted.))
    Suggested by   @allisonlantagne
  11. "Grandpa would be proud!"
    Suggested by   @kate81
  12. "Kirk is a robot!"
    Suggested by   @kate81
  13. "Stars Hallow is home!"
    Suggested by   @kate81
  14. "Jess is Luke's son" 😐
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  15. "April was never real"
    Suggested by   @Boogie