Sometimes even the shows that we love the most let us down.
  1. 30 Rock, season 2
    I think Tina Fey wrote something in "Bossypants" about how they weren't trying to create a critical darling, but something for the masses to enjoy. So the swing from the wonderfully weird first season to the broad comedy of the second was huge...and sad. One standout episode though was Kenneth's party.
  2. Parks and Rec, season 1
    I told someone who has not watched this show yet to just skip this season. Too much was missing: the Leslie we came to love, Ben and Chris, funny jokes...
  3. The Mindy Project, season 4
    This used to be my favorite show OF ALL TIME! But I don't know what's going on this season. Danny somehow became the absolute worst.
  4. Arrested Development, season 4
    I get that they didn't want to go back to exactly what the show was before, but I so wished they had. Watching a handful of events happen to each individual family member (esp when you're binge watching) made it feel like you were just seeing the same episode over and over and over.
  5. The Bachelor, Chris Soules' season
    The only good thing about this season was it gave us the greatest Bachelorette of all: Kaitlyn. But Prince Farming was such a dud!
  6. The Office, the seasons without Michael Scott
    I really held out hope that this show could survive without Steve Carell, but he was the magic.
  7. Gilmore Girls, season 7
    The creator of the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino left during this season and the whole thing felt like a forced parody of itself.
  8. Gossip Girl, Season 4
    S3 was incredible and then they had to go and ruin absolutely everything
    Suggested by @lisafischer
  9. Alias, season 4 (and realistically the first half of season 5)
    One of my favorite shows of all time. But every time I attempt a rewatch I'm caught up in the glorious perfection of the first 2 seasons. Season 3 has grown on me over the years. But I just can't make it through season 4 ever. And that makes me sad.
    Suggested by @supercommonname
  10. Community, season 4
    The gas leak season. This season proved how vital Dan Harmon was (is?) for the quality of the show. The show went from being Community to a show that really tried to be Community, but wasn't.
    Suggested by @franksars
  11. The West Wing, Seasons 5
    Really, maybe 5-7. I stopped watching regularly after season 4. Sorkin has his issues, for sure, but the show lost its snappy dialogue and fun energy after his departure. Exception: the season 5 episode The Supremes. I liked that ep, and Glenn Close was great.
    Suggested by @jenniferm
  12. Season 6 Dexter
    The Doomsday Killer plotline was so bad and bringing back the Ice Truck Killer themes was just grasping at straws.
    Suggested by @aus10
  13. The Wire, season 2
    It took me SO LONG to get through this. I just wasn't feeling the storyline with the dock workers and the union. Admittedly, it gets way better in the last 3 or so episodes, but as a whole, it was pretty sucky.
    Suggested by @hillaryweiss
  14. Sons of Anarchy Season 3
    Abel being taken maybe a good storyline for a few episodes but not the whole season. The payoff wasn't there. The season just didn't have as many syrong storylines.There is a reason why all the other seasons took place in California.
    Suggested by @aus10
  15. The Walking Dead: Season 2
    The farm was just so boring. I mean I'm happy to have included Maggie and Hershel. But that's all that season was good for, IMO.
    Suggested by @brittmaag
  16. New Girl: Season 3
    We were all so excited to get Nick and Jess together...and these are the stories they come up with??
    Suggested by @erinpurington
  17. The OC season 4
    SERIOUSLY Friends don't let friends watch season 4 of the OC. What was once a fun show about 4 friends became dark and boring
    Suggested by @A