Requested by alana


@alanarogerrrrs thanks for the request! (And the first three...)
  1. How I Met Your Mother
    Ted and Robin ending up together at the end. Some people liked this but let's all just be real. Whether you loved it or hated it it was a total copout.
  2. Gilmore Girls
    April. I know she's there to create conflict between Luke and Lorelei, but guess what? You already did that and you did it way better with Jess.
  3. Friends
    Joey and Rachel have a thing. We were all freaked out by this.
  4. Gossip Girl
    Speaking of forcing two characters together: Dair. Dan and Blair was just too fucking out there.
  5. Downton Abbey
    That whole Mr. Bates-in-jail thing and then Anna maybe killed that rapist. Trouble with the law at Downton is extremely boring.
  6. Lost
    Nikki and Paulo. Fans hated them so much the writers actually just killed them.
  7. American Horror Story: Coven
    That weird thing at the end where they all try to be the grand witch or whatever. In typical Ryan Murphy fashion it was so random but also by then none of us cared. Also I could rip into most seasons of AHS but this betrayal was the most painful.
  8. Dexter
    Deb has feelings FOR HER BROTHER!!!
  9. True Blood
    Terry and the Ifrite thing. Don't get me wrong, this whole show deserves to be on here, but this was the first and only time I've ever fast forwarded through a scripted TV show, just to avoid this story line.
  10. Friday Night Lights
    Landry and Tyra kill someone. This was just so over-the-top rude. To us. As viewers.
  11. Arrested Development
    Michael dates a mentally disabled person. Uncomfortable uncomfortable uncomfortable.
  12. Malcolm in the Middle
    Francis at the dude ranch. I have nothing good to say about this storyline. He should never have graduated military school.
  13. The Mindy Project
    Danny is a fucking asshole. Why would they do this? I know we were all miserable during this time.
  14. The Office
    Pam sort of emotionally cheats on Jim while he's being kind of a jerk. Actually, can we just not talk about this season?
  15. Orphan Black
    The Neolutionists. This was equal parts confusing and boring. Maybe just confusing because I stopped paying attention.
  16. Parks and Rec
    Mark Brendanawicz trying to be a love interest. You are a poor copy of Jim and everyone knows it.
  17. Last Man on Earth
    Gail gets stuck in the elevator. And I was pretty much like "that's fine, just leave her."