Our "America Is Already Great" Summer Vacation

  1. The Grand Canyon Is Great
  2. Four Corners Is Great For Being In CO, NM, AZ and UT All At One Time
  3. Mesas Are Great
  4. The Art In Sante Fe Is Great
  5. Texas Turning To Wind Power Is Great
  6. Native American Cliff Dwellings Are Great
  7. The Views From Mesa Verde, Great!!
  8. Great Time White Water Rafting In Colorado!!
  9. The Drive To Silverton, Terrifying; But, The Town Was Great😉
  10. Old Hundred Silverton Mine Tour Is Great!!
  11. Deer Wondering Around Downtown Durango=Great!!
  12. Native American Pueblos Are Great
  13. Sandia Is Great
  14. The Views From The Top Of Sandia Are Great Too
  15. The People Of Albequerque, NM Are Great
  16. And Have Creative Tour Ideas That Are Probably Great (But Not Child Appropriate; So, I Passed On This One)
  17. Cadillac Ranch is Great Fun
  18. This Guy...Is Not Great At All