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  1. My garden.
    Chance of frost AGAIN tonight so I had to cover them.
  2. The deer who visited our yard while we were having cocktails on the patio.
  3. My crazy and fun golf team.
  4. Tacos
    Had tacos for lunch today. Best thing about this is that the taco place was holding a benefit for a local mom who tragically lost both of her young children a few weeks ago. Lots of community members showed up to buy food.
Here are some photos that describe my extreme love of the mighty taco.
  1. You betcha!
  2. I could see this happening to me.
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  1. Tomatoes
    Probably 2 varieties-Roma and cherry
  2. Cucumbers
  3. Carrots
    Got a packet of multi-colored carrot seeds.
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  1. Gnome socks.
  2. Morning coffee.
  3. Lunch
    Chicken burrito, cool ranch doritos, grapes, chocolate cake.
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  1. I just found a new great way to procrastinate! Yay for li.st!
  2. Thinking about stuff I should be doing.
  3. Writing a list of things I should be doing.
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  1. Golfing in mid-December in Wisconsin.
    Had a warm spell in December so we took advantage by hitting the links.
  2. Go Cubs!
    On my way to Miller Park for the last regular season game in 2015 to watch my Cubbies.
  3. Breckenridge
    Watching Yonder Mountain String Band on the mountain.
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