1. Music
    It's not about the beat but about the lyrics, the best of beats can have the shittest of lyrics.
  2. Friends
    Vibe kill, people who come over and just shit talk. The doors waiting to slam your ass.
  3. Stars and the night sky
  4. Crickets
  5. Mosquitos
    Those pesky mother fuckers just flock to you the second you crack open that can
  6. Love
    Everything is heightened and love is 100x time more giving and accepting during this time.
  7. Fingers
    It's like they took a vacation from your hand, hello where the fuck did you go?
  8. Clothes
    A better place for them would be the floor, not your body.
  9. Awesome greasy salty food
    Feed me onion rings and I will love you for life