10 Photos That Take You Inside the Intriguing World of Kenya's Warrior Tribe

Photographer Susan Portnoy spends an evening exploring the world of the Samburu. See the rest at TakePart: http://bit.ly/1QdbrPt
  1. Kenya's Warrior Tribe
    "The Samburu Trust had arranged for me to spend a couple of hours with a Samburu elder and his family, including two of his five wives and their children. It would be a fly-on-the-wall visit. I didn’t want anyone to make a special effort or reenact a cultural tradition, nothing manufactured for the curious traveler. I just wanted to capture—as inconspicuously as a stranger with a camera could—a tiny slice of their everyday life."
  2. Kenya's Warrior Tribe
    "My guide Leuya is a man torn between Western influence and Samburu tradition—education being the catalyst. Estranged from her husband and unable to feed her children, Leuya's mother sent him as a boy to live with missionaries."
  3. Kenya's Warrior Tribe
    "The manyatta is circular and surrounded by a thorny acacia fence to ward off predators. Inside is a second thorn-less pen for livestock and a two-room house that belongs to one of the wives, in this case, Lekolua's second wife, Nalusha. Lekolua visits each wive's manyatta periodically."
  4. Kenya's Warrior Tribe
    "As patriarch, Lekolua (sitting in red) is responsible for arranging his children’s marriages. Men marry in their mid- to late-20s after spending a few years as a moran. The police of the tribe, the moran are the warriors. They protect their villages against conflicts with other tribes and predators. "
  5. Kenya's Warrior Tribe
    "In the middle of all the activity, Longuta's hungry son waits patiently while she milks a goat, its hind leg wedged between her legs and a hungry kid at her heels. She collected the milk in a mug, and he drank it on the spot."