Whether you’re hooked on the convenience or the flavor of single-cup coffee machines, here’s a way to drink them more responsibly. For more ways to #ShrinkYourWaste: bit.ly/1PG5kiM
  1. Food Storage
    Use the pods to store small servings of cooking ingredients. Fill a dozen cleaned pods that you’ve disassembled with the Recycle a Cup or by hand with chopped garlic, wrap the tops with a bit of foil, and then place half in a sealed container in the fridge and half in the freezer. More info here: bit.ly/1PG5kiM
  2. Pump Up Your Coffee
    Buy stronger coffee for your K-Cup. If you choose an especially strong blend, you can use one pod to make two cups, one right after the other. You’ll be throwing away 50 percent fewer plastic pods this way.
  3. Dissect and Recycle
    Recycle a Cup is a device that cuts up and separates the parts of a K-Cup for recycling. Once the pieces have been separated, the coffee and paper filter can be composted and the aluminum can be recycled.
  4. Help Crafters
    Donate cleaned, empty coffee pods to a creative reuse center. From Oakland, California’s East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse to Louisville, Kentucky’s Good Garbage center to Pittsburgh’s Center for Creative Reuse, so many cities have places where you can donate supplies for repurposing by artists, teachers, kids, or crafters. More info here: bit.ly/1PG5kiM
  5. Get Creative Help
    The crafty upcyclers at TerraCycle can turn tough-to-recycle items into usable everyday items. They can also recycle any brand of single-use coffee pod or capsule. Collect the capsules at home or at work, and then send away for prepaid mailing labels for sending your capsules to TerraCycle. More info here: bit.ly/1PG5kiM