From starting major businesses to setting up nonprofits, these young role models are influencing their continent in a positive way. Want to see who else is changing their corner of the world? Check out for more!
  1. ARTHUR ZANG: 27, Founder and CEO of Himore Medical Equipments from Cameroon
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    Invented the Cardiopad which is a touch-screen device that allows health care workers in rural areas to perform heart exams and send the results to specialists in urban centers, therefore reducing the stress, cost and time spent on medical care in rural areas.
  2. RAINDOLF OWUSU: 24, Founder of Oasis Websoft from Ghana
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    His company developed the first web browser for Africa and continues to work with other projects that use technology to help with education and health reform.
  3. ELLEN CHILEMBA: 21, Founder of Tiwale from Malawi
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    At 17, she started a social enterprise that uplifts women through business education, microloans, and school grants. Tiwale trains women and helps find them jobs that suit their skills, giving them opportunities to support themselves.
  4. OLA OREKUNRIN: 29, Founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria Ltd. from Nigeria
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    Dr. Orekunrin’s company is the first air ambulance service in West Africa to provide urgent helicopter, airplane, and evacuation services.