The 10 States That (Really) Pay Teachers the Most

If you've ever thought of becoming a teacher, you've probably wondered where the best state to work would be. We've calculated the cost of living and crunched the numbers to find the 10 states that actually pay teachers the most. See the rest here:
  1. #10 Indiana
    In the Hoosier State teachers earn an average of $51,456. Adjusted for the state's low cost of living, that's more like $56,795.
  2. #9 Georgia
    Georgia teachers make an average of $52,880 annually. If you take into account the state's cost of living, those dollars are more like $56,921.
  3. #8 Wisconsin
    The average teacher pay in Wisconsin is $55,171, or $57,172 once you factor in the state's cost of living.
  4. #7 Nevada
    The average salary for a Nevada school teacher is about $55,957, which is more like $58,594.
  5. #6 Massachusetts
    Massachusetts ranks sixth in the country, paying its teachers an average of $73,129. Despite the state's high cost of living, which makes those dollars more like $59,893, the place still ranks well for teacher salaries.