My current favorite Podcasts

Podcasts I listen to weekly. @jeremyawilliams
  1. NPR 'S Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
    A quiz show about stories that made the news during the week. Celebrity guest who turn out to funnier then you'd think they would be.
  2. NPR 'S Ask Me Another.
    Another quiz show with unusual questions. Host Ophira Eisenberg and musical sidekick Jonathan Coulton are hilarious. Also with funny celebrity guest.
  3. All The Books.
    Rebecca Joines Schenley and Liberty Hardy of review the week's new releases. @rebeccaschinsky @bookriot
  4. NPR 'S Pop Culture Happy Hour
    Every Friday Linda Holmes and team discuss pop culture events such as movies, books, and music. Best better the end where everyone share want is making them Happy this week. @lindaholmes
  5. Dear Sugar
    Cheryl Strayed (author of "Wild" And Steve Almond the podcast answers all your questions — no matter how deep or dark — and offers radical empathy and advice in return.
  6. The Slate Americans
    The Americans is currently my favorite show, after each episode The Slate with assistance from show runners and cast delves deeper into that week's episode.
  7. West Wing Weekly
    Joshua Melina, who played Will Bailey on the show,and co-host Hrishikesh Hirway breaks down each episode @bookishclaire
  8. Three ADHD podcasts
    Listen to one get helpful tips to make my life less chaotic and know I'm not alone in my ADD world.
  9. Books On The Nightstand
    Each week Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman address different book topics and end each podcast with 2 books we can't wait you to read @mkindness