Best request ever, the list is infinite ❤ I'll do a top 5 countdown ️
  1. The innocent speech impediments and unintentional mispronunciations
    My first year teaching was in Kindergarten, so I spend most of my year trying to discern the language. My favorite ( although we don't admit to them) student was a brilliant little girl. Enthusiastic and a so artistic. But she had the thickest little lisp. Chicken was shicken and fork was... Well of course. But the best moment was when she taught the rest of the class about Biwell Mooway and her favorite movie Ghost Bustoos. I wonder to this day if they all still call him that. It was the best.
  2. Impromptu changes in the "lesson plan"
    Sudden episodes of vomit, hysterical breakdowns, allergic reactions, random wasps and bees that enter the classroom, and the show must go on.
  3. Seeing them all grown up and they say "you're still my favorite"
    Although they might say that to them all, I still like to believe they mean it. And to approach a teacher in public years later with the "do you remember me?" question is pretty brave. For the most part I can proudly say I do. I have a few now high schoolers once 4th graders that work in retail and fast food I like to go personally aggravate and brag to the manager about inconspicuously. For me it's success they're able to keep a job and work a cash register at 16. Proud of those kiddos.
  4. We are family
    I had a rough inner city bunch of 4th graders one year and learned really quick the only way we were going to make it was to build relationships not just between me and them, but between themselves. One morning another student, a bully, got one of my weaker ones by the neck and slung him against the wall. Without hesitation his friend but my student stepped in and put himself between. Despite betraying the hood alliance, he helped the other boy up and walked him to the room. "We are family".
  5. The love of learning
    There is no other reason to do what I do than to see the aha moments and beautiful curiosity. To hear little mouths proudly quote Shakespeare and write interpretations of Picasso. Although, I might be the "teacher" the learning is flowing both ways. They teach me to see the world every day through a new magical perspective. No day is the same. And I love it.