We recently bought a cabin in the town of Idyllwild. The previous owners left some things in the house that they said we could keep.
  1. I used to read these growing up and was obsessed with them.
  2. Two unopened Budweiser cans from 1999
  3. A rookie card
    Husband had me look up the value. It's worth a whopping $20.
  4. Their last name was Campbell. They called the house "Campbellot"
  5. This bread box.
  6. A crushed velvet swivel chair!
  7. Lots of horseshoes!
  8. This journal.
    "No candies" but 🍦🍦🍦!
  9. Glamour magazine from 1988
    The ads in here are amazing. Probably going to make a list of my favorites.