Today my husband and I were driving to go on a hike when a drunk driver came into our lane and hit us head on. We're both ok but still digesting the whole experience.
  1. Static
  2. I saw the car come over into my lane about 7 seconds before the actual accident.
  3. Saying "what is he doing?" followed by "what the fuck is he doing?"
  4. A moment of intense fear.
  5. Slamming on my breaks.
  6. I remember the moment the airbags deployed.
  7. Closing my eyes.
  8. Screaming.
  9. Another moment of fear.
  10. Hearing my husband say "are you okay?" And "get of the car" I don't remember what came first.
  11. Trying to open my door but realizing I couldn't get out.
  12. Yelling that my door wouldn't open.
  13. Getting out of the passenger side.
  14. Hearing my husband yell "move away from the cars"
  15. Hearing and then seeing the other driver screaming and stumbling out of his car. He was bleeding.
  16. Anger. I don't know why but I started yelling at the other driver asking "what the fuck he was doing?" And then I asked him if he was texting.
  17. He said, "I'm so sorry. Im going to get help. I was hiking. Maybe I'm dizzy."
  18. I remember people. Lots of people. Spectators.
  19. I watched as he walked down the freeway. I didn't think to really look at him. Or think that I'd later be asked to describe him.
  20. Now I remember my husband just kept asking it I was ok. I didn't want to talk or be touched.
  21. Now I feel badly about it but at the time I said "I need space. I need just 5 min."
  22. And then the next few hours are a blur. I remember the fire trucks and the police. I remember them checking my spine and head. And then they checked my husband.
  23. But I remember a women coming over saying "I'm so so sorry about this."
    I later found out she was the soon to be ex-wife of the driver. She had just filed divorce papers.
  24. After making too many decisions and answering too many questions, a highway patrol officer drove us home.
  25. I started to weep. Shock, anger, fear, unknowing.
  26. Now we're home. We're safe. We're healthy. And we're so lucky. We've got a fire going and we're planning on making smores and drinking hot cocoa.