Free Software I recommend. (Android)

This is a list of must have software that I recommend for Android based phones and tablets. This list will be added to and amended as software changes and new apps come out. Last update 1-7-2017
  1. AVG Antivirus
    The best antivirus, cleanup, and Security tool. ( )
  2. NetGuard (Firewall)
    Using the VPN service it NetGuard gives you control over what apps can access Wifi or Cellular data. ( )
  3. Facebook Lite (Sideloaded)
    Takes up less space, uses less data, and responds faster than the normal bloated app. ( APK Mirror ) ( Play Store )
  4. Authy
    A great multi service 2 part authenticator. ( )
  5. SeriesGuide
    The best TV guide and show tracking app for cable cutters. ( )
  6. Medisafe
    If you have lots of meds, or have trouble remembering to take your meds, this will help. ( )
  7. Swiftkey
    My favorite replacement keyboard W/emoji. Supports skins, and gives you am option to always have a number row. Also learns as you use it so that suggestions are more accurate to help save typing time. ( )
  8. Silent Time
    Lets you schedule when your phone should be quite. Also lets you silence your phone for a set amount of time, so you do not forget to un-silence it after a movie or meeting. ( )