Saying it fluctuates is an understatement.
  1. HIGH: I went to church on Sunday & that's always a blast.
    I also hung out on campus w my BF doing hw. The weather was perfect.
  2. LOW: Stressing out about transferring over/getting accepted to TAMU & paying for tuition
    People say I shouldn't be worried but I'm a worrier. My GPA is a 3.5 & the department requires a minimum of a 2.75
  3. HIGH: I've been making 100's on my math tests.
    The class is so easy.
  4. LOW: Something is wrong w my car.
    The steering wheel is favoring the right side & people say my tires need to be realigned. Money (I don't have) down the drain.
  5. HIGH: My gov test was easy.
    Glad that's over!
  6. HIGH/LOW: I've spent money on clothes.
  7. LOW: this pimple won't go away.
    It's one of those painful, deep ones.
  8. HIGH: my Treehouse internship is fun
    Every Thursday!
  9. LOW: a chunk of my skin is gone on my thumb. It's hurts!
  10. HIGH: treehouse tonight involves pumpkin carving.
  11. LOW: my comp assignment is due Sunday & I'm not looking forward to finishing it
  12. HIGH: our topic for hot pastopics (church devotion) is over relationships.
    It's on Sunday.
  13. HIGH: I get to go to the game this weekend. Gig em Ags👍🏼
  14. HIGH: I get quality time w Samuel.😍