maybe someday i'll stop hiding behind lists
  1. why me?
  2. i'm willing to give and take on my future for you. would you do the same for me?
  3. do you want kids? if so, how many?
  4. how long do you think is enough to date before thinking about engagement?
  5. are you comfortable with my family?
  6. what is your biggest deal breaker in a relationship?
  7. i want to live near a city. you want to live as far away as possible. will we be able to compromise?
  8. does it bother you that i'm an atheist?
  9. would you ask my father before proposing?
  10. would you ever use my past against me if we were fighting?
  11. could we talk about that long haired dachshund?
  12. will you travel with me?
  13. can we go to south dakota? i know i've been there too many times but i want to share it with you.
  14. how many times can i cry over the same thing before you get angry?
  15. will you show me the town you grew up in?
    i wish i could have met you in high school.
  16. will you play video games with my brother?
  17. will you promise to always cheer for the broncos?
  18. will you stay?