1. I can remember the exact moment we started to go wrong
  2. You looked at me and your features were clouded with anger
  3. You yelled at me for something that I never would have done
  4. And you knew that but you let her get inside your head
  5. I don't think you realized that I sat and cried through my next class
  6. Because you once told me that you would never hurt me but you did just that
  7. After that I never thought I could forgive you
  8. But slowly I did and I realized that I loved you all along
  9. Even when she broke up with you you were still wrapped around her conniving little finger
  10. I had hoped the worst of it was over
  11. But over the next two years I watched you move on with your life
  12. And become everything that I'd hoped you'd be
  13. I was finally starting to move on when we showed up at the same party
  14. And I had to sit and relive all of those tainted memories
  15. You had stained everything you touched
  16. But I knew I never stopped loving you
  17. To this day, I still do