Life is about the little things
  1. Sleeping in on a Saturday morning and knowing that I have nothing to do that day
    gets ten times better when I get to cuddle with my boyfriend on saturday mornings
  2. Not being able to put down a book that I love
    this soon turns to regret as I realize that I have read a 300 page novel in one day
  3. Coloring and binge watching Netflix in the evening with my mom
  4. Calling my grandma after a long day
    i am forever grateful for her love and support
  5. Snuggling with my kitties in the morning before I get out of bed
  6. When my favorite song at the moment comes on the radio as soon as I get in my car
  7. Reading an incredible book and knowing there are 300 more pages until the end
  8. Watching football on Sunday's in my best friends living room
  9. Hand washing dishes and watching the sunset out the window