1. Taylormoreass
    This one should be a lesson to everyone everywhere to NEVER let your friends create any kind of user name for you. Sure it's funny for a while and then you can't figure out how to change your username on snapchat. And your older sister starts judging you. And your parents think it's hilarious. Because it is a little. Well done @brynelle and @izzyz
  2. Tay
    Was more of a thing when I was little. I think people are uncomfortable with children and full length names. Would be startled and potentially annoyed if this took off again.
  3. Tay tay
    Let's make something cute by repeating the same syllable. No thank you.
  4. TayMo
    Was invented in Jr. High so it was obviously a good idea. This one actually took off among some friends. There are people I met in that era who exclusively call me TayMo. I also haven't seen any of them since high school. This nickname is dead then and should definitely stay that way.
  5. Thumper
    I guess when I was a baby I was like really happy, so instead of crying I would do something Thumper-like with my legs. Hence the name. It was probably cute or something.
  6. Taylortot
    My mom heard this at work once and thought it was a great idea. Luckily it never took off because it is a really not great idea.
  7. Taylormade
    When I was younger my Uncle Mike used to call me this and my sister Sarah Lee because he thought he was funny and I HATED it. Everyone told me that if I ignored him he would stop, but no, I argued with him every time.