I mostly feel ambivalence
  1. Wiggle
    This song can die
  2. Get Ugly
    Would also feel fine if this song died
  3. Fight For You
    What is this???? Why the Toto reference??
  4. Trumpets
    I really want to like this song, but I usually get annoyed by it. I have heard other versions and liked it
  5. What if
    We've never met, but what if you're the one for me???? But seriously, what if You are the one for me?
  6. Undefeated
    I had literally never heard this sing before researching for this list. Not feeling it... It sounds like the Disney channel
  7. Don't Wanna Go Home
    Can't decide how I feel
  8. Marry Me
  9. In My Head
    The heavy breathing weirds me out
  10. Cheyenne
    Probably would not change the radio station
  11. Watcha Say
    The original Jason Derulo. Some girls in my 10th grade PE class were real into this song... And I probably was too ☺️☺️
  12. It Girl
    Ohhhh, this song; the lyrics are amazing 😋
  13. The Other Side
    Fun, enjoyable, forgot it existed
  14. Want to Want Me
    Also fun and enjoyable... And repetitive... Don't mind
  15. Ridin' Solo
    Classic. Also listened to in high school PE. Glad the break up was positive
  16. Talk Dirty
    Perfection. The reason this list exists. Turn the volume up. Nothing is better. Will never grow tired of this song.