Who lives, who dies, who tells their story?
  1. Hugh Knox
    Was so moved by a mocking drunken sermon he gave at a bar, he decided to study divinity and become ordained.
  2. James Rivington
    Owner of a Tory leaning newspaper in New York that was attacked by a mob and defended by Hamilton. Later was a printer for the king while at the same time passing Naval intelligence to George Washington.
  3. Cornelia Schuyler
    Eloped with Washington Morton by climbing down a rope ladder from her bedroom and into a coach that was waiting.
  4. Margaret Shippen Arnold
    Wife of Benedict Arnold. Acted bizarre and crazed with grief after her husband's treason was discovered to support the story that she had no knowledge or part in the plan when in fact she helped pass letters to the British and prodded him into the plan.
  5. Goeverneur Morris
    Cool name. Wooden leg. Charming. Tricked into being overly friendly with George Washington. Wrote the preamble to the Constitution and shrank it from 23 articles into 7 🙌🙌. Eulogized Alexander Hamilton
  6. André Michaux
    French botanist who traveled a lot and on a trip to the good old USA had a plan to arm Kentuckians to aggravate the Spanish settlements in Louisiana. His Wikipedia page also mentions a shipwreck.
  7. Edward Stevens
    Hamilton's childhood friend and maybe half brother. Treated Alexander and Eliza for yellow fever successfully but with a different method than the other prominent doctor, Dr. Rush. Rush favored Jefferson and the different treatment methods became political
  8. Talleyrand
    Full name: Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord. Described by Napoleon as "a pile of shit in a silk stocking." French refugee during French Revolution and friend of Hamilton. Later returned to France and became the foreign minister. He treated Americans badly on a diplomatic mission to France.
  9. Isabella Graham
    Created the Society for the Relief of Poor Widows with Small Children with her daughter. The society was one of the first all-women social-service agency in NYC. Eliza Hamilton was a member.
  10. Nathaniel Pendleton
    Hamilton's second in the famous duel. Also fought in the Revolution and was a US district court judge in Georgia