In no particular order
  1. Illinois
    The not Chicago part, born and raised, except I was actually born in Ohio
  2. Ohio
    The 5 weeks I spent there directly following my birth were the greatest of my life I imagine
  3. Iowa
    The college years
  4. Wisconsin
    My family went to Wisconsin Dells once
  5. Missouri
    Numerous trips to visit grandparents and 1 trip Branson. Also some Cardinals baseball
  6. Texas
    High school orchestra trip and a trip to visit family. Both were fun, but heavy on the bbq
  7. Oklahoma
    Spent night here with family on way to Texas. Hotel was filled with people for a gun convention, did not feel safer
  8. Arkansas
    Church mission trip and looking for Bill Clinton's house
  9. Tennessee
    Came home from Texas via Memphis with family. Perfect amount of bbq
  10. Kentucky
    Saw Uncle Mike
  11. Georgia
    Missed last day of school pool party go to cousin's wedding
  12. Alabama
    Gulf Shores, alarmed by Confederate Flags seen along the highway
  13. Florida
    Freshman year of high school spring break trip to Disney World
  14. Michigan
    Family trip to the beach on Lake Michigan x 2
  15. Indiana
    Orchestra day trip, trip to visit friend at Notre Dame, driven through to get to other places
  16. New York
    Orchestra trip to visit NYC, cool place but very large
  17. New Jersey
    Orchestra trip hotel was in New Jersey
  18. Pennsylvania
    Was asleep
  19. Washington DC
    Not technically a state but still
  20. Virginia
    Pretty sure while in DC also hit up Virginia
  21. Kansas
    Sister lives in Kansas part of KC
  22. Minnesota
    Does everyone have a cabin???
  23. Colorado
    Lovely, also bathroom mirrors don't get foggy???