1. Ohh this is how we're doing it... The roll doubles thing. I like how there's 3 dice, makes it easier
  2. The strategy is start crappy and steal your way up right???
  3. This box of raisins def qualifies as crappy. Perf
  4. Ohh there's more gifts than players. I'll just take 2
  5. Yessss wine. I'll just hide this
  6. I need the margarita kit in my life. I will get you margarita kit
  7. Success I have the margs
  8. How dare you take that from me! I am your sister
  9. Why are we still going???? This has gone on for too long. Time to end
  10. Ah well, when your end result is 2 bottles of wine you cannot complain. You should celebrate
  11. My cousin is whiney and really wants that skillet cookie kit my mom has
  12. Really mom, you'll give it to her if she does a head stand???
  13. Well if anyone here can do a head stand, it is her
  14. Cloooose, but no cigar... And mom is giving it to her anyway
  15. Aunt Lori's claiming she can do a headstand. I don't buy it
  16. Ohhhh, she is actually going to try. This should be interesting
  17. Oh my god she can actually do it. Was not expecting that. I am impressed
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  18. And she's at it again
  19. People can surprise you
  20. No Aunt Judy, I do not want to open a bottle of my wine