(mostly on the internet)
  1. Madisen Beaty follows me on twitter
  2. She tweeted me that we're "twinsies"👯
  3. Maia Mitchell favorited my tweet about Brallie
  4. Emery Lord replied to my tweet about how much she inspires me
  5. TaylorNation followed me on Twitter before Taylor Swift's high school best friend
  6. Sarah Dessen personalized her note to me in the signed book I ordered
  7. BJ Novak liked and commented on two of my lists!
  8. Bradley Bredeweg favorited a tweet about how much The Fosters has changed my life
  9. I met Lea Michele and thanked her for existing
  10. Her response was "AW, you're so sweet!"
  11. I also got to see Glee being filmed in Grand Central Station
  12. I bought Colleen Ballinger aka "Miranda Sings" her favorite tampons and a giant fly swatter when I met her
  13. She followed me on Twitter while I was at her show!
  14. Lauren Oliver tweeted me that she "<3's me"
  15. A post I made on tumblr got 200,000+ notes
  16. I met the lighting director for the set of Glee: Joaquin Sedillo
  17. I got to see the 'F+R' carving on Bow Bridge in Central Park
  18. I got to see Wicked on Broadway and London's West End