in other words, my "New Years Resolutions"
  1. establish a sleep schedule.
    and stick to it.
  2. stop eating fast food.
    it's never worth it.
  3. follow my heart.
  4. let go of the past.
    read the next chapter, that one's finished.
  5. write more.
    self explanatory.
  6. be more active.
    think about the endorphins, think about the 'after' pictures, think about your own body- doing everything it does every minute, every hour, every day just for YOU.
  7. make more of an effort to stay in touch with the people I care about.
    go that extra mile. cross those oceans.
  8. start going to therapy.
    you deserve to recover. and stay recovered.
  9. change things up.
    and keep changing them. keep scaring yourself. keep doing things that are worth it.
  10. get a tattoo
    the one I've wanted since I was 15 might be a good place to start