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I've always thought that being yourself was the greatest creation in the world. Because in that sense, we all are creators.
  1. I work for H&M, just started as a matter of fact, and I am opening this new store with this awesome new staff. It's one of the biggest experiences of my life and I am excited!:)
  2. Aside from H&M being a huge experience, I have gone to phenomenal locations in my time with my family. Such as Florida, California, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, and a few others. They're all wonderful experiences.
  3. I have such a sweetie of a girlfriend, and I love her. I saved her for list #3 'cos it's her favorite number. I'm so thankful for her, she's changed my life in such great ways and we've basically grown so much throughout out years together. I love you babe.
  4. Japan is my dream. I love everything about it, from the culture and language all the way to the food, anime/ manga and so much more. 私の大好きは日本。
  1. RuneScape
  2. Legend of Zelda
  3. Elder Scrolls Online
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