Foods I Could Never Give Up

  1. Pizza
    No way, no how and under no circumstances!
  2. Peanut Butter
    Peanut butter is a savior. It can act as a meal when partnered with just about anything. It can be made into a dessert. It can be a snack all on its own. It requires no cooking and you can stuff it in your pocket if you need to. Would be silly to pass on such a versatile food as peanut butter.
  3. Coffee
    Because why would anyone want to live without coffee?
  4. Chocolate anything
    It's one thing to pass on chocolate every once in a while, but to pass on it for life? No chocolate chip cookies or Oreos? No chocolate ice cream on a hot summer's day? No chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine's Day? No, no, no. Not me. Not ever.