Empire Season 1 was awesome. Season 2 needs our help.
  1. Subway Scouting
    Lucious becomes trapped on the 2/3 train en route to scout new talent in the Times Square station. His fellow subway riders happen to have a snare drum, maracas, a triangle, and a 90s era boom box, resulting in his next big hit, "Is This Train Going Local?"
  2. No Yeast Rises in Harlem
    In an attempt to gain credibility and synergy with the tech community, Mimi introduces Lucious to the founder of BakeFace, a once dominant but now floundering social network of bundt cake bakers. They plot to relaunch the business at Laviticus, with the new track, "You Fill My Cake Hole."
  3. Continued
    Cookie learns of the relaunch party and promptly diverts the club's baking soda shipment, leaving the bundt cakes flat and crepe like. She crashes the party dressed as a Nutella jar as Hakeem debuts his new track, "Ain't Nothin But a Batter Thing".