Clueless Gamer: "Overwatch" — in GIFs!

Featuring "Game of Thrones" stars Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey ⚔🎮
  1. Conan welcomes his very best friends to the latest edition of Clueless Gamer
  2. Turns out they're just as clueless as Conan when it comes to video games
  3. Conan takes his rightful place on the Iron Throne
  4. Conan fishes for compliments about the GoT set
  5. And gets this response 🙈
  6. You already did, Peter...
  7. Conan brings in gaming expert Bley to explain the objective of the game
  8. Peter falls asleep immediately
  9. But wakes up just in time to ZING!
  10. Conan, Peter, & Lena are introduced to the "Overwatch" characters
  11. Conan immediately recognizes their flaws
  12. But Peter is impressed with this character's balls
  13. Bley explains more of the game, but the gamers are still clueless
  14. Gameplay begins! Lena is quickly eliminated...
  15. And isn't happy about it
  16. She feels attacked
  17. But gets her revenge soon enough
  18. Conan rubs in Lena's victory
  19. But Lena is very humble about it
  20. Peter wonders where it all went wrong
  21. But quickly gets back down to business
  22. Conan is frightened by the evil look in his eye
  23. In the end, Peter is victorious
  24. And is presented with Conan's head on a stick
  25. Which Conan ultimately presents with a kiss 😘
  26. Thanks for playing, friends!