GIFs: Celebrity Secret Talents

A showcase of Conan's very talented celebrity guests 💃👏
  1. Ed Helms starts the show off strong with this special talent
  2. Charlyne Yi whips out her spot-on turtle impression
  3. Nina Dobrev wows the crowd by doing the splits
  4. Bryce Dallas Howard cries on demand
  5. Ellen Page breaks out her mad juggling skills
  6. Jack Black shows off his artistic masterpiece
  7. George Takei wows with his impressive push-up skills
  8. Eva Mendes demonstrates her unique eye roll
  9. Fred Armisen does an amazing impression of a decomposing fox
  10. Chloe Grace Moretz shows off her butterfly knife skills
  11. Vote for your favorite celebrity talent in the comments and/or suggest more! ✔️