The Best of #ConanCon 2015

We're gearing up for another all-new week of shows from #ConanCon. Let's pregame with the best moments from last year! 💥🚌
  1. When Conan and Andy hit the road "Mad Max" style
  2. When Chris Hardwick's cosplay went very wrong
  3. When Conan had an epic lightsaber battle with Seth Green
  4. When John Bradley told a story about a rude GoT fan
  5. When Jennifer Lawrence gave the fans what they wanted
  6. When Elijah Wood broke out The One Ring
  7. Which was quickly stolen by Gollum
  8. When Conan showed us what George R.R. Martin is REALLY up to
  9. When The Doctor himself made a surprise entrance
  10. When Liam Cunningham got revenge on Conan
  11. When Conan released these unseen "Wolverine" auditions
  12. When James McAvoy filled us in on how Olivia Munn gets into her "X-Men" costume
  13. When Conan declared Michonne the most badass character on "The Walking Dead"