If you spook easily, this list is for you. http://teenv.ge/1RZbRbb
  1. Zombieland
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    This is a zombie movie that is 10x more hilarious than it is scary, which makes it quite perfect. Not only do you not get to scream throughout the movie, but you get to laugh, a lot. Also, Emma Stone is perfect, because she’s Emma Stone.
  2. Hotel Transylvania
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    This isn’t just funny, it’s animated so the fear factor here is non-existent. The voices include Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, and Kevin James. It’s basically a story about Count Dracula being in charge of a Hilton for a bunch of monster guests, but then a human comes along and the drama gets poppin’. (Is this listed on Expedia?)
  3. Beetlejuice
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    This is a classic that looks like a bunch of highly skilled makeup artists ran wild on a movie set around Halloween, but actually has a great plot that focuses on a dead couple who haunt their old home with a ghost (Beetlejuice), hoping to scare the new residents up out their former crib.
  4. Frankenweenie
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    A young boy’s precious dog dies, and of course, he brings it back to life. Frankenweenie is a Tim Burton flick, so it’s somewhat aesthetically creepy, but you can most certainly handle it, even if you yourself are a weenie.
  5. Coraline
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    I’m gonna be honest, this is the scariest movie on this list, solely because there are characters who have buttons for eyes, which is truly terrifying. Basically a little girl discovers another world that’s mad sketchy, but you’ll likely spend the entire time slightly distracted, wondering, “How is this a kid’s movie?”
  6. Shaun of the Dead
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    Another zombie movie that is more funny than stressful, about a regular guy and his buddy trying to survive the apocalypse. You’ll laugh, you’ll feel like a part of the Halloween festivities, you’ll sleep soundly without a nightlight.
  7. The 'Burbs
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    Nice neighborhood + paranoid residents + new family moving in = mystery. Add Tom Hanks into the equation and you get comedy, which is exactly what we fraidy-cats are looking for.
  8. Cabin in the Woods
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    Watch this in the dark and you’ll get plenty of jump-scare moments, but it’s also so random, ridiculous, and cheesy that you won’t have nightmares later. This doesn’t seem like a film that Chris Hemsworth or Jesse Williams would take part in, or like one that would be released in theaters, but alas, they did and it was.
  9. ParaNorman
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    This is a family friendly version of The Sixth Sense, in which the people are stop-motion animated, and the “I see dead people” concept is much less terrifying. Plus Anna Kendrick offers her voice to the flick, playing the main character’s older sister. And you know anything Anna touches is gold.
  10. Ghostbusters
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    With a new Ghostbusters set to be released in 2016, there’s never been a better Halloween to revisit the 1984 version about a ghost-catching squad. It’s got supernatural entities (Halloween-y) and it’s got lots of comedy (good for those who hate scary). In short? It’s the best of both worlds.