There's never been a better excuse to have your cake and wear it, too:
  1. BaubleBar Scream charm, $8
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    I scream, you scream...charming, we know.
  2. Kate Spade New York x Magnolia Bakery cupcake minaudiere, $348
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    Fits approximately 5 real cupcakes inside.
  3. Society6 iPhone case, $35
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    Note: do not lick your phone case (ew, germs).
  4. Swatch Caramellissima watch, $60
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    Keep track of your midnight snacks with this tell-tale timepiece.
  5. Urban Outfitters macaron box, $10
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    As cute as the real thing, but definitely not as tasty.
  6. Anya Hindmarch imperial watersnake Bazooka clutch, $1595
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    A guaranteed win for any bubble-blowing contest.
  7. Living Royal donut + cupcake gloves, $15
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    Keep your fingers out of your mouth!
  8. Cafe Press Keep Calm & Eat Cake water bottle, $19.99
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    Because hydration and pastries are equally important.
  9. Kate Spade New York Eat Cake For Breakfast watch, $175
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    In case you need a subtle daily reminder...
  10. Fringe Studio sweet trinket tray, $16
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    Perfect for bon bons.
  11. Living Royal macaron socks, $8
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    This little piggy went to Ladurée...
  12. Wildfox Sweet As Candy eye mask, $28
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    Sweet dreams (duh)!