What we can expect from Ariana Grande’s new single is gradually coming into, uh, focus, thanks to the starlet’s careful choice of social media posts over the past month and a half. We've compiled some of the best clues. Check out the rest here: http://teenv.ge/1N38IY4
  1. Along with clever tweets, Ariana posted the first of what would be a series of photos, the same image of her gradually coming into focus. (Get it?)
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  2. A little clearer this time…
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  3. By the “17 day” promo pic, you could see it was an image of Ari, sporting her new Malfoy-inspired locks..
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  4. Just a day later, the picture was revealed full focus, and we discovered that the blurred out black-and-white image was, in fact, the single’s artwork!
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  5. Girl started moving quickly at this point – by day 15, we got the album art in full color (and a peek at the exact hue of the new hair).
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  6. By the next day, her posts took a turn, with new angles of the same (color) artwork and the number of days projected across half her body and the background
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    This post again featured the dream bubble emoji alongside a trumpet and saxophone – perhaps her new tracks are taking on a brassier tone?
  7. The “13 day” teaser featured the first image of Ariana with a matching jacket to go with the skirt and crop top that have been featured in all the promo prior.
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  8. The next day was the first face-forward picture (featuring her super pretty pink eyeshadow) but still from the same series of (what might be?) cover art outtakes.
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  9. The “day 11” teaser was just what we would expect.
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  10. And then the “day 10” carried on with the plateau…
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  11. Later, a teaser was a cute “Halloweeny” version of the cover art, done by a fan who she doesn’t name (but thanks!)
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  12. The “day 8” teaser featured Ariana propped up in a tunnel that actually looks a lot like a little pink moon…
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    (She’s a cat again, in case you missed it.)
  13. Two days later, Ari posted another version of the cover art…
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    This time, next to Tom Felton, a.k.a Draco Malfoy!
  14. For now, the latest post is more fan art – this time of the OG cover.
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    Featuring a more glossed-over, cartoonish version of the star, adorned with face painting akin to an avatar. What’s coming next for the star and her single? Only time will tell. Set you Instagram alerts — the single officially drops on October 30th.