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  1. Hocus Pocus
    Think what Home Alone is to Christmastime. Yes, the early part of the movie does the “teenagers entering an abandoned house” cliché, but then they accidentally free three evil witches, one of which is a young Sarah Jessica Parker.
  2. Donnie Darko
    One of our favs, Jake Gyllenhaal, plays a teenager who is being influenced to do bad things by a figure in a rabbit costume named Frank. Early on, Frank warns Donnie that the world will end in 28 days, and it’s basically a mind-blowing, perfectly eerie story that should be watched regardless of the season.
  3. Trick 'r Treat
    There are multiple stories being told in this movie — think of it as the Halloween version of 'Crash,' but not quite profound enough to win an Academy Award. It’s a surprise this isn’t more popular, but it all takes place in the same area, on the same evening, and is more than capable of putting you in the Halloween spirit.
  4. Idle Hands
    This is a horror comedy film in which a teenager’s hand becomes possessed and does evil things. It begins with the main character’s hand killing his parents and best friends on Halloween, but it’s not nearly as depressing of a movie as it sounds. Also, JESSICA ALBA IS IN IT, therefor, it’s automatically worth watching.
  5. Enest Scared Stupid
    Ernest awakens a troll capable of turning kids into wooden dolls, and while that might sound terrifying, the movie more of a comedy that was the fifth installment of the Ernest movies.
  6. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Jack Skellington is the king of Halloween Town who opens a portal to Christmas Town and experiences basically experiences culture shock, in what is a classic, and possibly the only movie that can contend with Hocus Pocus as best Halloween movie of them all.