College is a lot of fun, but it's also about serious work — so read on to find out about the nine most common misconceptions about your freshman year at college. Soon, you'll be making straight A's and hella baes in no time. #Freshmanlife.
  1. You think: "Infinite amounts of food with NO CONSEQUENCES!"
    What actually happens: Your meal plan runs out by Halloween and your only option for a costume is “I’m Starving” — so pace yourself.
  2. You think: "I'll be waking up for 8 a.m. classes refreshed and ready to cross out every assignment on my to-do list with the biggest sharpie I can find!"
    What actually happens: If you're not falling asleep in your classes, you’ll probably spend them planning your next nap. Make coffee your bestie, it’s a very satisfying and refreshing relationship.
  3. You think: "I can buy all of my textbooks at the school store at the beginning of the semester, and sell them all back at the end. SO MUCH MONEY!"
    What actually happens: Find a plan B for becoming a millionaire and try buying and selling your books online or from upperclassmen. Bookstores are very stingy with their buy-back plans. And, if you must use the bookstore, buy used.
  4. You think: "I'll be turnt up 24/7."
    What actually happens: Even party animals, and regular ones, need sleep. Fight the FOMO and save those killer dance moves for when you slay your final exams.
  5. You think: "I can pull an all-nighter cram session before an exam and pass with flying colors."
    What actually happens: It’s nearly impossible to get A’s when all you can think about is Zzz’s. A solid night’s sleep is really the first correct answer to any exam.
  6. You think: "My dorm room is going to look like I won a Pinterest contest sponsored by Bed, Bath, and Beyond."
    What actually happens: Too many decorations can be overwhelming and cause visual clutter — and sometimes flames. Keep things simple and bring a few personal items that make your room feel like home
  7. You think: "It will be impossible to make friends as good as the ones I had in high school."
    What actually happens: You’ll make the best friends you've ever had.
  8. You think: "I'll go to the gym twice a day, meditate every morning, and do yoga in between classes."
    Well, at least you tried? Every little bit counts. Ride your bike around campus, join a workout class with friends, run reallllly fast to that class you're probably late for because you're reading this article right now.
  9. You think: "These are going to be the best four years of my life."
    What actually happens: They may not be the best four years of your life, but they'll be the most precious and memorable.