Kendall Jenner is all grown up.
  1. May 2009
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    Kendall is just 14 years old here (those braces!) and she's wearing age-appropriate black eyeliner on the waterline with a light layer of mascara and natural hair. Adorable!
  2. August 2009
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    Sun-kissed to perfection! Kendall is wearing a peachy blush and a nude lip color, completing the beachy vibe with a messy low bun.
  3. October 2010
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    This may be photographic evidence that Kendall Jenner has the longest, most beautiful natural hair ever.
  4. August 2011
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    Was this Kendall's rebel phase? Here she is at the Teen Choice Awards, rocking a French braid faux-hawk that falls into a bun. Her punk-rock look is complete with a smoky eye, bronzer, and a nude lip.
  5. November 2011
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    Here's Kendall less than two weeks after her 16th birthday at the premiere for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. We love her fishtail braid and the minimal makeup.
  6. February 2012
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    That red lip! Those lashes! Kendall is channeling some major Old Hollywood glamour. Her hair is up to keep her look clean, with a couple of loose strands left out to help frame that pretty face.
  7. August 2012
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    Later on, Kendall continues to experiment with her hair up—this time opting for a sleek style with major lashes and pink lips.
  8. December 2012
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    Kendall is beginning to nail the formula for easy glamour. A super-shiny high pony paired with a seriously immaculate complexion makes for a foolproof statement.
  9. February 2013
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    Talk about volume! This look is all about the hair—brushed back, teased at the crown, and all-out glamorous. Note how Kendall keeps it simple with her makeup to complement the drama of her 'do and her ensemble.
  10. November 2013
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    Just three weeks after her 18th birthday, Kendall turns up at the American Music Awards in a very Kardashian beauty look. Her red lip color is a great choice to enhance her complexion with a white dress.
  11. February 2014
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    Kendall's embracing a winter pallor, ditching her bronzer for a fresh-faced, natural look. Also, we're loving her boyish, Delevingne-like brows. It looks as though she's picking up a few beauty cues from backstage.
  12. May 2014
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    Gorgeous and extra-glowy at the Billboard Music Awards, Kendall plays up her bronzed lids with sun-kissed skin. Paired with nude lips and sleek strands, she’s giving serious beach goddess vibes.
  13. June 2014
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    Arches on point! Kendall’s clean, full brows frame her carefully crafted cat eye and dewy skin perfectly.
  14. August 2014
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    Proof that the sleek look can actually look chic, Kendall debuts slick strands and frosty makeup at the Teen Choice Awards. Her ultra glossy lips offer a new take on her now signature nude lip.
  15. November 2014
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    Kendall rocks a major middle part, but keeps her makeup fairly low-key with a few swipes of volumizing mascara and peach-colored cheeks.
  16. February 2015
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    Take notes (for those early a.m. classes)! Not wearing very much makeup but still managing to look totally gorg, Kendall arrives to the Topshop’s Fall 2015 runway show with flushed cheeks, bare lips, and a loose, unfussy pony.
  17. May 2015
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    Kendall’s wet, surfer strands and easy makeup make for the perfect red carpet combo. (She almost has us completely convinced to debut the slick look on and off the beach.)
  18. June 2015
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    The cherry-red lips make their comeback, and it’s no secret why: paired with poreless skin and a pretty pony, Kendall’s never looked more glam.
  19. June 2015
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    Take a cue from Kendall and aim for easy, effortless waves and natural glow to nail the model-off-duty look.
  20. September 2015
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    To celebrate the launch of Estée Lauder’s new Modern Muse fragrance, Kendall goes for va-va-volume with a teased ‘60s-style pony and thick, black lashes, basically proving that she is the ultimate modern muse (she's the face of the brand, after all).