Before they were megastars, they were just wee little ones.
  1. Selena Gomez
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    Selena Gomez Selena Gomez wished Instagram a happy 5th birthday with an appropriate snapshot of herself when she was — what else? — 5.
  2. Justin Timberlake
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    Way before J.T. had a suit and tie, he had Christmas presents galore — and adorable jammies, too.
  3. Kylie Jenner
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    Even as a child, Kylie was no stranger to the red carpet — and she had such a strong sense of fashion, too.
  4. Kendall Jenner
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    She shouted out her brother Rob in this adorable photo — and check out the family resemblance in those cheeks!
  5. Maisie Williams
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    Arya had some serious #swag as a baby, and this is proof.
  6. Beyoncé
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    You can tell she was ready to run the world from an early age.
  7. Cara Delevingne
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    Baby Cara displayed some perfect model behavior — and just look at those eyebrows
  8. Ed Sheeran
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    Maybe we’re just Thinking Out Loud, but Ed definitely looked like he was ready to conquer the music world at age 11.