The odds were sadly not in their favor.
  1. Rue
    It isn’t fair. It just isn’t fair. Let’s all whistle and sob together, shall we?
  2. Cinna
    Knowing that Katniss could only watch him get dragged away to his death and do nothing about it was the hardest part. He lives on in our hearts.
  3. Mags
    She was one of the bravest (and oldest) tributes, and she got some from Finnick before she disappeared into that terrifying acid smoke.
  4. Wiress
    It’s best not to get attached to characters in The Hunger Games, but Wiress’ scattered personality made her endearing and we wish she didn’t have to go.
  5. The old man from District 11
    Remember the sweet old man who whistled and saluted with his fingers, then was dragged away and shot in front of Katniss and Peeta? Still not over this one.
  6. Thresh
    We knew all along that Thresh had to die in order to keep Katniss and Peeta from dying, but he was still Rue’s bud.
  7. Seneca Crane
    Yes, he did a lot of terrible things, but did he deserve to die? Probably not. Maybe he would have overthrown Snow eventually…
  8. The Morphling who sacrificed herself for Peeta
    Those scary baboons would have straight-up murdered Peeta if it wasn’t for her. Wish we knew her name.
  9. Foxface
    Foxface came very close to winning the games, but Nightlock Berries were her downfall. She had to go, and hopefully it wasn’t too painful.