Halloween Costume Cavalcade

Have I mentioned that I love Halloween? Well I do. Here is but a sampling of some of my costumes over the years
  1. Dr. Horrible. Only one person in my office got it, but it was so worth it when she broke into song with me!
  2. Vanellope Von Schweets. Pretty much made this entire ensemble myself (including all of the polymer candies in my hair) Again, the office didn't get it but I was a big hit at the kiddo's school.
  3. Pippi Longstocking. This one was a hit in the office but flew right over the heads of kiddos classmates.
  4. Raggedy Anne. Recycled this dress for the Pippi costume. Meh.
  5. Pink Lady. Kiddo insisted that we be pink ladies (we had just watched Grease) I made the skirts.
  6. Vampire bear from Nightmare Before Christmas. Kiddo and I went to a live showing of the movie with Danny Elfman and the rest of the cast voicing the film with a full orchestra. I wanted something comfy and warm and this turned out better than I even imagined. The office didn't get it (I really do work with some fuddy duddys, lol)
  7. Cinderella dress from the movie Ever After. This was my wedding day (yes I got married on Halloween) 🎃 All of my bridesmaids dressed as fairies and my maid of honor was Elvis. Best. Wedding. Ever.
  8. Happy Halloween ya'll!
  9. Okay, I had to add this year's selection (because I slay!)