I love Halloween. Like, LOVE LOVE it. I realize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for this little holiday (plenty of pumpkin spiced shade to be found here on li.st) however, if you are interested in making the most out of this funny little tradition, here are some pro tips to level up your Halloween game (thanks @Diplomatic_diva for this LR)
  1. Get into the spirit
    I don't see Halloween as just one day, I see it as a month of awesome. There are so many things to see and do surrounding Halloween (movies, plays, art exhibits, etc) Find some things in your area that suite your taste (spooky, creepy, full on horror, historical, fantastical, etc.) and go do them! For me, this time of year signifies the entrance into Fall and I love going to events and activities to celebrate that.
  2. Embrace your inner child
    I know that one of the things that turns a lot of people off about Halloween is the idea that it's a kids holiday. For me, it's the sense of imagination, creativity and freedom (often associated with children) that make it special. That doesn't mean that you have to go trick or treating and gorge on candy until you can't move. It means seeking out fun, staying outside after dark and giving in to a little bit of that sense of curiosity and wonder that leads to the creation of something awesome.
  3. Make it last
    As I mentioned before, there is a month or more full of activities and special events surrounding Halloween. Even if you stay in, some of the best movies and shows come on around this time. Haven't watched Stranger Things yet? This is the perfect time to binge it (Halloween vibes for sure!) Hocus Pocus is going to be on at least 50 times so you could absolutely coordinate a girls night around it (mani pedis with the Sanderson sisters? YES!) Plan several different things and have 31 days of fun!
  4. Bring your friends along
    There is no better excuse to get the group together than some Halloween shenanigans. Again, if your squad's jam is more chill, get some tickets to your local symphony's spooky music concert (trust me, they all do it) and rock out with your glock(enspiel) out! If your group is into more traditional fare, go on a haunted hay ride or plan a bonfire. Or even pumpkin carving party (best pumpkin gets a bottle of their fav "spirit") Create some new traditions.
  5. Have fun
    Don't limit yourself, Halloween is what you make of it and you can make it AWESOME! This is the kickoff to the best time of year (sweaters, tights, crunchy leaves, all the soup you can eat) so enjoy!!
  6. Finally, no pressure but...
    Dress the fuck up!