ghost problems

I have been on for a reasonable amount of time (not Beta but pretty early Gamma)but didn't post my first list until February of this year. I haunt this app like the Gray Lady
  1. I love
    I love reading all of the funny, sweet, personal, silly, pop culture, heartbreaking, angry, elated things that everyone posts.
  2. I still don't feel like a part of
    No one's fault but my own due to my own insecurities. Everyone is so nice and so amazing to everyone else here (including me) but I limit my interactions because I am a weirdo.
  3. I am on here so often I feel like I know everyone
    I follow what happens after meet ups (I always seem to miss when they are happening) and when gift exchanges happen I am vicariously delighted. You guys really are awesome.
  4. I post/interact so little, I feel like no one knows me
    I am trying to be more active but it literally goes against all of my instincts so it's slow going. Thank you to @Diplomatic_diva for (unknowingly) inspiring me to be more of a participant.
  5. I draft in my head like a mo-fo
    I have so many lists that I have thought up and then trashed before they even made it to draft I could have written a book by now.
  6. I am the WORST at drafting and publishing actual lists
    For a myriad of reasons (none of them good)
  7. It is my goal to become a real li.ster one day
    I am really trying to stretch myself and be more active. I would like to let people get to know me as I have gotten to know about them.
  8. I am a friendly ghost
    Hopefully this list doesn't make me seem like a creeper 👀I'm actually pretty dope (if I do say so myself)