These little things can boost my mood in such a big way.
  1. Beating the time estimate when I'm using GPS
    Every time I knock a minute off that "estimated time of arrival" my heart leaps. Don't underestimate me GPS!
  2. Pulling out of a great parking spot
    Finding a great spot is awesome (obviously) but leaving is its own special joy, especially when whoever gets it next is super stoked and acts like you saved it just for them. Everybody wants what I got!
  3. Cutting a ripe nectarine in half and being able to pull it apart and pull the seed out without squishing it all over the place
    One of the most delicate fruit maneuvers, I have destroyed many a juicy treat attempting it, but it's worth it when it works.
  4. Shifting my body to a more comfortable position without pissing off the cat to the point that she leaves
    Almost impossible but it can be done (pictured is an unsuccessful attempt)
  5. When I put my coffee in the microwave to heat it up, after it stops and I open the door, the rotating thingy has positioned my cup to where the handle is in front. Perfectly situated for easy cup removal.🤓
    Suggested by @KristyTolley
  6. Taking a Subway survey that gives you a free cookie
    I give good survey almost always 😉
    Suggested by @angela3950
  7. Catching up on paperwork leaving me with a calm few hours. Completely mundane and it brings me both happiness and satisfaction.
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
  8. Opening the mailbox and finding something other than bills
    Even if it's something you Amazon Primed to yourself; especially if it's a real letter from someone you like, or love.
    Suggested by @JillCarley
  9. Stacking my cookie jar. And my labelmaker. And The Container Store.
    Suggested by @Carrie1980
  10. Cutting an apple in half so well that even the stem is cut in half. I feel like this could be my super power.
    Suggested by @pili_ervin