Even though they seem vaguely appealing, my anxiety (which I mostly have a handle on) wouldn't even allow me to humor these ideas as a possibility
  1. Diving with sharks
    I am at once in love with and terrified of sharks. Thanks to older sisters who thought it was awesome to traumatize me, I was exposed to Jaws at an extremely young age and thought sharks were everywhere (the pool, the bathtub, the toilet.) As a coping mechanism, I made it my mission to learn all about sharks and have been a fan of Shark Week since day 1! I just don't think I could take it to the next level that would be required to actually dive with them. Anxiety level 10
  2. Skydiving
    I love thrill rides and the idea of flying through the air free as a bird but, I don't love the idea of possibly hitting the ground. Anxiety level 10
  3. Moving to the country
    The older I get the more I think I might enjoy living in a wide open space. Then I remind myself that a family moving into a quaint farm in the country is the start of every horror movie ever and I'm not trying to get killed. Anxiety level 8
  4. Climbing a mountain
    I can imagine myself at the top, surveying everything around me and just taking it all in. Then I imagine myself taking a wrong step on some loose rocks and plummeting over the edge. Nope. Anxiety level 8
  5. Deleting my Facebook
    I gave Facebook up for Lent a year ago and honesty I didn't really miss it. My mom, on the other hand, was so annoyed. So really, it's fear of my mother that keeps this dream from becoming a reality. Anxiety level 7