People have suggested that I have nothing but photographs of my cats on my phone so here are 5 photos that have nothing to do with my cats that I selected at random.
  1. My best friend sent this puzzle to "Holiday and Mickey Quin" but obviously cats don't do puzzles and it is for me. I took a photo of it to show my family the incredible fun we are going to have over the holidays completing it.
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  2. This is a photo of a man I found online when I searched "male model chin length hair"
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  3. This is a photo my mom sent to me of another puzzle we are going to do over the holidays. 🍷
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  4. I did not see Star Wars but I did eat fish and chips and drink a glass of wine while I watched people have their bags searched who WERE going to see Star Wars (that's likely the closest I'll get to seeing it)
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  5. It's not a cat!
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