Both Tegan and my mom might disagree with the facts of this list but they don't have the sign in information so 💁🏻
  1. Big Guy and Little Guy. Cats. Brothers? They did not like living with us (kids in elementary school who desired dressing them in clothes and using them as props in role play games.) They went to a "farm"?
  2. Jinx. Cat. Born under our back deck. Pooped in the plants. Went to live on a "farm". (Presumably a different farm than BG and LG)
  3. 3 teddy bear hamsters whose names I can not recall. They ate each other. I'm not making that up. Cannibalized.
  4. A gerbil whose name I can't remember. We had it out of the cage and were playing with it (😳) and accidentally dropped a piece of plywood on its tail, tearing it off. So we had to put him down. At that point social services should have stepped in.
  5. Snowball. White teddy bear hamster. Died of dehydration or loneliness. (Both?)
  6. An assortment of newts and frogs who remained unnamed because we were monsters. All managed to escape their cage and dry out in the desert of our carpeted bedrooms.
  7. Fish. So, so, so many fish. One tank of poor souls suffocated in sour cream and onion chip dip that was accidentally spilled into the water during one of my moms "the girls are at their dads" Saturday night parties.
  8. Elvis. Guinea Pig. Developed a skin rash and my mom sold him in a garage sale to a neighborhood child while we were at our dads.
  9. Taya. Siamese Cat. My best friend. Lived a long life and only suffered the abuse of not being allowed to eat 24 hrs a day or sleep directly next to my face all night long. Died after high school. I still miss her.
  10. Taz. Tonkanese Cat. Our family went through a stage where we wanted to show cats. 😂 That fantasy lasted about a month. Taz thought he was my mother's husband and it wouldn't shock me if my mom froze his brain in a cryonics facility.
  11. Bailey. Pet Store Cat. Impulsive decision that our mom made while we were in 8th grade. Taya immediately hated her. Bailey died happily after an incredibly long life after we surrendered her to a pet loving friend who had a dog and wasn't living under the hateful reign of Taya.