This is a list Sara left for me this weekend to assist in taking care of her cat.
  1. Holiday likes to eat. Don't forget.
  2. Holiday sleeps in our bed. Keep the door open to the guest room and she will totally sleep with you. If that doesn't appeal to you you are a monster with no heart.
  3. Holidays toilet. It's a lovely contraption found in our closet. Keep the door open. Feel free to use the Swifter to tidy up so she doesn't feel ashamed of herself.
  4. At least once a day I wonder where is Holiday? Usually she's gotten into a closet. I worry she'll jump in the fridge or dishwasher. Please be mindful. Remember curiosity killed the cat.
  5. We let her do her nails on the couch. It's fine. It's a nightmare and we've accepted we'll have to get a new couch.
  6. Plants we generally encourage her to steer clear of. In case they are poisonous. Yell her name then immediately cuddle her.
  7. Don't let her on the counter. I found her eating my leftovers the other day. Disgusting. (Me not her)