Fireside chef at your service
  1. All of this:
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  2. Snacks.
    Sweet and salty roasted nuts. Chocolate bark with pepitas, chia seeds and dried cranberries, BBQ Lays chips, white chocolate, almond and apricot granola.
  3. Vegetables on a kebab so that they don't fall through the grate
    Mix it up! Endive, radicchio, mushrooms, & whole peas. Take off of skewer and toss with a house made green goddess and feel good about that steak you just ate.
  4. Grilled baked potatoes
    I did this one in the Swiss alps. Brag
  5. G+T
    Fireside gin and tonics are the best
  6. Steak
  7. Eggs
    For tomorrow's steak and eggs
  8. Toast
    Have you ever had camp toast?!
  9. Good coffee
    Why skimp?