I'm waiting to hear about a job.
  1. 7.30 AM: Oh my god. Today is the day.
    ...or maybe not today. Could be tomorrow. Actually could be anytime before the 22nd.
  2. 9:00 AM: I can't stop the anxiety
    I know--I'll text my friends and they will have some pearls of wisdom.
  3. 9:02 AM: They didn't have much to say except "I hope you get the job--otherwise you can't go to Martha's Vineyard with us!"
    Thanks for the reminder about how I'm one "sorry we went with someone else" away from an utter Instagram lock-out this summer
  4. 10.30AM: I'll text my sister--she will distract me.
    She asked me to distract her bc she's feeling sad about a breakup. Great.
  5. 11:07AM: I have a text from my aunt...I know what that's about.
    "Did you get the job?"
  6. 11.15AM: I'll give her the best news I can
    "She wants to hire me, I feel. (New text) "but I don't know anything yet..."
  7. 12:00 PM: Oh good, my brother is calling.
    he can talk to me about his big news and I'll forget mine for a bit.
  8. 12.10 PM: Oh I got an email from client! 😁
    "What would you consider "full time' hours?"
  9. 12:11 PM: Eight hours...
    Why is it more...?
  10. 12.14 PM: I think I need to talk to Agent
    Bc she wants me to work 12 hours.
  11. 12:16 I tell bro I need to hang up
    Bc now I'm not sure I want the job...
  12. 12:20 Aunt texts
    "OMG!!! Congrats!!"
  13. 12:21: Huh?
    I forgot to push send on the second text "...but I don't know anything yet." So she thinks the client has offered me the job. The 12 hour job that I'm now not even sure I want anymore but if I don't take it I don't get to go to Martha's Vineyard...or eat.
  14. 12:23: agent calls
    "Hmmmm...let me call her and I'll call you back. If I don't, call me tomorrow or the next day."
  15. 5:22 PM: No one has rang.
    I'm going to start drinking ana wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.